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Princeton by Global

Starting the new year with a great modular collection full of possibilities, Global Furniture Group have revealed their latest offering, Princeton. Freestanding and easily reconfigurable, Princeton is a huge collection of worksurfaces, storage pieces, and many other components that intend to help us re-think the ways that we approach and use our furniture. Most every Princeton piece is freestanding, allowing for a complete ability to decide how to set up one’s workspace. Fully modern and adaptable, Princeton aims to do away with the traditional idea of wall-framed cubicles. Endless configurations allow for quick rearrangement; the desking surfaces paired with the open storage pieces offered convey a visual appeal that is light and balanced for a maximum usage of space. Ideal for many environments, Princeton’s over 1000 components are perfectly suited for open plan offices, and are also great for small offices, shared spaces, and home set ups. With seemingly endless surface and finish options, Princeton offers the possibility to completely transform your workplace.


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