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Via Seating Unveils Astro

Via Seating have just announced the release of their brand new lounge seating solution, Astro. Set to debut in April 2018, this European-styled lounge chair offers a contemporary, luxurious flare to enhance most any interior setting. Oversized and interactive, the nest-like seat cradles the user and allows a gentle rocking and swaying motion to happen if desired. Through the slight movements possible, a person can center themselves from any angle- why sit still if you don’t have to? Additionally, Astro’s high back profile allows an enjoyable, relaxing experience and facilitates privacy through its cradling contour. Available in many different textile options and two different base styles, Astro can be customized to fit just about any design concept, making it a versatile solution for lounges, collaborative spaces, private offices, educational environments, and many other settings. With Astro, ‘Sitting is Believing!’


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