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Versteel's Parsons Table

Versteel have released their own take on the Parsons Table, one of the most iconic tables in the history of modern furnishings. The striking lines of the Parsons Table have remained a staple of furniture design over 75 years, and many adaptations of the form have occurred over time but have always remained true to the original shape. A synthesis of form and function, Versteel take this design into the office with ‘the most stable platform available’, having solid legs that are flush with the top and are of equal thickness, resulting in a strong yet elegant multi-use table. Hidden wire management access and data port capabilities are offered, as are various heights with dozens of color and finish options. True to form, all fastening hardware is concealed once assembled, which further contributes to the powerful yet unobtrusive design. Versteel have done well in revisiting the classic Parsons Table, and with limitless versatility, the Parsons Table can enhance just about any environment.


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