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Group Lacasse's CITE System

Group Lacasse have further refined their innovative collection for the modern workplace, the C.I.T.E. Furniture System. CITE is the result of Lacasse's effort to transform large open spaces into productive, harmonious colonies of productivity. The acronym stands for Collaborative Innovative Teaming Environments, a superbly fitting title for this modular system that includes over 25 different casegoods that can be arranged and reconfigured as needed with minimal effort. Additionally, CITE was designed according to BIFMA standards, the authority for sustainable benching furniture systems- finding a more complete and researched modular system than CITE would be a difficult task. Focusing on knife-edged surfaces. hidden power/cable management, and translucent acrylic privacy screens to partition individual workspaces, the CITE collection is further made sleek and refined by the use of aluminum support legs that add a modern urban influence to the system. With dozens of pieces to select from, as well as the vast array of color, finish, and upholstery options available, CITE's almost infinite combination possibilities can transform any office, classroom, or administrative area into a welcoming, productive collaborative space.

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