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Group Lacasse Introduces Nvision

Compact, efficient, and great looking- Group Lacasse reveals one of their newest panel-based systems- Nvison. Sleek, modern design qualities inform this great collection of work surfaces, storage pedestals, windows, and adaptable panels that invite collaboration but do not sacrifice privacy. Nvision is designed with access in mind- each panel is powered and all cables are hidden inside to minimize clutter and promote concentration on the tasks at hand. Reconfiguration has never been easier, as Nvision’s adaptable panel based design allows for convenient changes to workstations. Adding onto or rearranging a station is a breeze, as is the ability to collaborate- a storage cabinet can quickly become a seat for a quick meeting with coworkers. Lacasse’s decades of furniture expertise are quite obvious in the design of this collection, as Nvision’s sleek footprint maximizes floor space without sacrificing great function or clean aesthetics. Nvision is available in a huge variety of veneers, fabrics, laminate finishes, glass choices, storage options, and much more, ensuring that this wonderful all-in-one solution from Lacasse will harmonize perfectly with your office.


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