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Kadin Tables

New from Global Furniture Group are the Kadin Tables- an elegant, futuristic statement for your workspace! This series of multipurpose tables feature floating tops that command attention and have enough style to be used for all kinds of purposes. The unique design is strengthened by the empty space between the table top and frame, creating an interesting visual conversation for the onlooker. The combination of rich, architectural grade wood veneer and shiny laminate surface options with Kadin’s various styles of edged tops is exciting and modern, and the pairing of the tops with aluminum legs communicates timeless elegance. Kadin is available in dozens of different options- eight different leg finishes, round shapes, and five different edge options make certain the perfect table for your office, conference room, classroom, or wherever. With Kadin, Global have brought us a great conversation piece that will function wonderfully and stay sophisticated through time.


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