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Ayes by Allseating

Providing excellent furniture for the past 35 years, Allseating have recently revealed their newest lounge seating design, Ayles. Designed to take mid-century modern looks into the office, Ayles offers a highly sophisticated look for the contemporary lounge seating. Named after the Ayles Ice Shelf located in the Canadian Arctic, the Ayles chair and its matching ottoman feature clean lines and sharp, refined leg shapes that convey precision and modern elegance. The optional chrome or black leg and base options add expressive design possibilities to the modern-designed silhouette, and adjustable mechanisms underneath the chair body provide further comfort. Comnined with the Ayles Ottoman for reclined ergonomic positioning, Ayles is a wonderful solution to private offices, lobbies, educational spaces and healthcare environments alike, and with more than 200 textile options offered, the perfect Ayles design awaits you.


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