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JSI Introduces Flux

Jasper Group Brand continue to inspire with their successful office furniture casegoods, this time with their newest line, Flux. Designed by New Studio, the extensive Flux collection showcases adaptability. The furniture within this series can be arranged and rearranged to best serve projects that require quick spacial conversions- an private office can switch into a small conference room or a collaborative setting by the simple swing of a table. Height adjustability, smart storage, and modern materials all coalesce to provide an ideal furniture collection for a variety of needs, both large and small- a tiny home office or a large executive suite both benefit from the fluid, forward thinking nature of the Flux collection. Clean lines and visually light shapes remain constant throughout the many arrangement possibilities, and there are many different finish and material options to best provide the satisfaction of a custom office. Another fine, versatile release of casegoods from JSI.


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