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Global StreamLine

Many of our modern workplaces have become airy, casual atmospheres, and this is still possible for settings that require strong, long-lasting casegoods. For the numerous office environments that require resilient, heavy-duty steel furniture, light and cozy aesthetics no longer need to be compromised. For over 50 years, Global Furniture Group have produced high quality products that facilitate industrial settings and their need for durable, utilitarian furniture- now they’ve introduced StreamLine, a combination line that includes all of the needed furniture solutions for a variety of office styles. StreamLine is perfect for educational environments, hospitals, factories- anywhere that the need for strong furniture is present. Rich laminate tops meet sturdy, powder coated steel chassis to achieve both aesthetic and physical strength, and many different pieces and arrangement options are available in dozens of colors and finishes. With StreamLine, Global demonstrate that strong and reliable design remains timeless.


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