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BluDot Reveals Peek Collection

Modern furniture giants BluDot have recently revealed their brand new Peek Collection and it is simply stunning! The rich natural wood grains and clean lines lend themselves perfectly to this refined, beautiful suite of credenzas, dressers, and media/night stands, all of which are versatile enough to look completely at home in a shared or private office, but also warm enough to enhance a persons home, too. This six piece collection celebrates minimal design, doing more with less. Design features such as round holes instead of stylized door pulls, simple black steel legs, and relying on the strength and power of natural White Oak or Walnut creates attractive, strong pieces that will remain timeless decade after decade. The uniform look that the Peek Collection embodies through its six different pieces surely makes a statement when combined in a room, but each piece looks wonderful by itself too. Each Peek piece has cord management holes in the back panel, self-closing hardware for each drawer, and is available in beautiful White Oak or Walnut. Another fine reveal from BluDot, who continue to impress with each collection.


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