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Go OutdoorTable by LandscapeForms

Outdoor furniture solutions are often obscured by the vast interior furniture possibilities- but not anymore. Enter the Go OutdoorTable, brought to us by the excellent LandscapeForms company. This classy, modern series of innovative outdoor tables connects people and environments with lots of style and capabilities. The clean, flat tabletop is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of purposes- standing/leaning heights, sitting heights, a shielding canopy, even accessible power, USB ports, and the option to include the use of solar panels are all possibilities with the Go OutdoorTable. Supporting both formal and informal activities, this table is perfect for educational, corporate, leisure, healthcare- anything. And with the huge variety of colors and finishes available, the Go OutdoorTable will certainly level up your environment through its elegant, unassuming form. An exciting reveal from LandscapeForms indeed- a great company with sustainable ideas and great furniture.


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