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Aptos by OFS

OFS Brands have released many new products and collections for Spring 2017. Impressive as always, the various furniture lines under the OFS banner continue to grow within their own established styles, and one of the strongest new looks is the Aptos Collection. Designed by Brian Graham, Aptos is ‘architecturally inspired’, and focuses heavily on material richness- the pairing of wood with other textures such as glass, aluminum, stone and leather create bold, strong looks that remain light and simple in feeling. Stunning, sophisticated, and clean, Aptos is tuned to satisfy the modern workplace, and the vast array of casegoods available are unified by the balance of solid forms and open alcoves. Height adjustable surface options are a major part of the collection, and these thoughtful looks are suitable for private or open environments. The harmonized design present throughout the entire Aptos Collection demonstrates the strength and timelessness necessary to ensure Aptos as a mainstay that will age gracefully in the office for years to come.


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