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Power Disc from KnollExtra

As technology continues to influence the way that we work, the need for keeping our devices adequately powered grows too. Enter Power Disc, an Antenna Design offering that provides great utility to the existing KnollExtra line of accessories for todays work spaces. Power Disc is a sleek, convenient solution to the need for quick, on the go powering of mobile devices, laptops, and any other AC powered devices. The clean, unassuming design is friendly enough to live on a table top, making a subtle but practical statement in the room. Six outlets provide enough juice for an entire team to quickly charge up devices without searching for a wall outlet or wasting time taking turns charging. A 10’ recessed power cord is hidden easily within the weighted base to avoid cord mess, and an aesthetically pleasing on/off LED switch does its part to reduce energy consumption while not in use. All in all, another great product from Knoll that offers a practical, portable, and visually pleasing solution our collective need for electricity.


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