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Clarus Glassboards

Clarus Glassboards are the best glassboards in the industry, hands down. The vast array of glassboards available from Clarus exist as furniture in of themselves- a wall or partial surface that is bright and shiny is certainly something the eye notices immediately in a room, and continues to admire as a part of the room. Glassboards encompass both fashion and function- long gone are the days of chalky, smudgy blackboards that appear tired and used even when clean. Instead, modern glassboards offer a sleek presentation surface that communicates an organized aesthetic. The somewhat futuristic capability of glassboards to transform an office is also helpful in advancing business ideas. Clarus offers many different styles of glassboard surfaces, such as full walls for traditional classroom or conference room scenarios, but also glassboards with media capabilities, writable desktop surfaces, privacy screens, tackboards, and cubicle partitions. With so many different potential uses, what can a new glassboard do to further your ideas?


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