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Xsede Height Adjustable Desk

Kimball Office have revealed their newest offering, the Xsede Height Adjustable Desk. This remarkable system utilizes many features known to facilitate an ergonomic, energy-conscious day of work at one’s desk. By the push of a button, the desk raises or lowers itself to the precise height that the user sees fit- a concept that has proven to prevent sore backs and strained eyes by allowing a custom height for maximum comfort for the user. This translates to better, fluid working postures that promote endurance and a generally more balanced day of work. Xsede is available in both benching and table formats, and all are available in several different shapes. This system is perfect for a variety of office styles, be it open-plan or private offices alike. Kimball offers Xsede in many different finishes and materials, and there are numerous accessories to further customize the perfect Xsede set up for your office.