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Cube By Group Lacasse

Your business' aesthetic is first communicated by its lounge furniture, as this space is the visual introduction to all who visit your office. It is important to make sure the furniture that you choose for your lounge or lobby best represents your style. Introducing Cube, by Group Lacasse- a great, comfortable, and modular collection that both invites and welcomes guests to your office. Ottomans, chairs, storage units, single, double, or triple-section benches, all of the Cube pieces can be combined to fit any office configuration. The visually confident, highly customizable furniture offered within the Cube communicates spacial organization and are all very cozy and easy to maintain. Cube is perfect for both public and private spaces, and are adaptable enough to suit commercial, educational, and clinical environments. There are many different textures and upholstery options available to make any space your own.


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