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Joya and Kore By Kimball Office

Renowned furniture giants Kimball Office have recently unveiled two new products for Fall 2016- their new chair, Joya, and a new desk, Kore. This pairing fits together wonderfully for those who seek stylish, modern ergonomic seating with an aesthetically pleasing and functional desk system, perfect for private offices, open floor plans, educational environments, and more. Joya adds to Kimball’s long line of sophisticated seating options for active work areas, complete with a very comfortable seat and many different frame, arm, and material options, and offered in task, side chair, and stool options. Next is Kore, the brand new benching and occasional table. Designed by Swiss architect Daniel Korb to maximize the balance of working and living, Kore’s clean lines and open seating offer a modern feel and encourage the connection of people to their work and to each other. The option of many different privacy screen styles facilitate independence without sacrificing the user’s accessibility to one another, and the simple, industrial design of Kore resonates Bauhaus design principles of beauty and function. Joya plus Kore equals an inviting, comfortable, and sophisticated new approach to office environments- another great pair from Kimball Office.


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