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Knoll Introduces Interpole

Furniture royalty Knoll have just released Interpole, a brand new vertical planning approach that enables and invites many wonderful design ideas into todays modern office. Designed by Antenna Design, the main idea behind Interpole is a floor-to-ceiling H-shaped post which acts as the basis for many different space planning layouts. This post is the base structure for several modular Knoll systems, from power conduit and technological concealment, to a base for mounting video displays, or even just a small table to work on. Expanding its versatility, Interpole also functions in tandem with other Interpoles to provide modern partitions between workspaces. This allows Interpole to be used to mount large whiteboards or video screens, hang tackable fabric panels, and facilitate open or enclosed storage options as well, and each Interpole unit features power outlets for better efficiency and reduction of cable clutter. Interpole is so capable that it can act as the foundational structures within an office system to create boundaries within open spaced environments to better partition private offices, public activity spaces, lounges, and other areas within. Interpole works in harmony with many other Knoll furniture systems in order to provide the best user experience possible, simplifying the workspace while maximizing the clean, aesthetic efficiency that Knoll have been known for for decades.


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