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Novo Collection by Sit On It

Winner of The Best of NeoCon 2016 Award for Ergonomic/Task Chairs, the Novo Collection is the latest offering from Sit On It. Joining a long list of fantastic seating that Sit On It have delivered for decades, Novo delivers comfortable, body-molding support with dashing color options and an architecturally-sculpted design. Though brand new, Novo is a timeless classic already with accolades coming from many different audiences, including Buildings Magazine, who awarded it the Editor's Choice in the Product Innovations 2016 category. These honors are due to Novo's versatility- available in midback, highback, and midback-stool styles, Novo is adaptable to every environment. A dozen color choices, mix-and-match frame color options, 3 lumbar colors with 13 accent colors, 3 different mechanism styles, 3 different arm types, and over a thousand textile options. With all the available opportunities to customize the Novo, it can look stunning in private offices, guest areas, and open plan collaborative spaces, and educational environments. What it looks like in your space is up to you- professional, playful, vibrant, subtle- all styles are possible.


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