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Connect and Share with Bridges II

Global Furniture Group, a long-running authority in seating, filing, and casegoods, have refined their approach to benching and panel systems for todays modern offices. Gone are the days of private, divided sectional cubicles where office partners are secluded by paneled fabric walls, removing the ability of collaboration and communication from an average work day. Instead, modern studies indicate that wide open, collective work spaces enhance productivity and increase overall work ethics of office environments. Enter- Global's Bridges II- an excellent, transformative solution to intelligently open up shared office spaces while maintaining the individual's ability to focus on specific tasks when necessary. Featuring almost endless combinations of coordinating, back to back tables, freestanding and integrated seating modules, privacy screens, lighting, storage, and benching options, Bridges II is a progressive, inviting system available in many different finishes, laminates, and styles of leg supports. With so many different orientations to select from, the ability to configure and modify a custom benching setup for your collaborative office is now more possible than ever.


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