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Lounge In Style With Splendor

Kimball Office have released an exciting, retro-modernist offering entitled Splendor. With a nod to the classic, molded forms of the past, Splendor is a brand new and versatile guest seating solution that commands attention. Featuring an aluminum base and a polyurethane upper shell, Splendor adds a comfortable, sophisticated element to any space. The lightness and aestheticism provided by the artful contour of Splendor makes it a perfect addition to a lounge, private office, or meeting area. Contrasted upholstery options are enveloped in the curved back and arms, inviting you into a warm embrace- and when you exit, the auto-return mechanism brings the chair back to the original position. From Kimball, "the subtle details and gentle curves are designed to provide coziness as well as freedom of movement that truly increases functionality and adaptability." Seldom does furniture offer such a captivating silhouette, and Splendor's many upholstery options further allow for you to 'create the look you want, while making the spirit of the space your own.'


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