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Coming Soon- HiLo from Knoll

Modern furniture and design experts Knoll have announced an exciting release- the HiLo. Not quite a chair, and not quite a stool either, the HiLo takes cues from the contemporary ideas that workplace productivity is connected to well being and flexible workplace styles. Designed by Bret Recor and Seth Murray, who together are Box Clever, the HiLo was born from the notion that being able to move freely throughout a workspace 'keeps you on your feet, so your ideas can take flight." Long has there been a debate whether standing or sitting is advantageous to workplace efficiency, and the HiLo aims to silence this dispute with an ergonomic solution that satisfies both notions. When you lean, pivot, or simply perch on the high-performance composite rubber seat, you are, in a sense, balancing between the concepts of active and relaxed, of fun and functional. The HiLo stands upright when not in use, making it always ready for action. And with it's lightweight of 8 lbs, it is adjustable, portable, and above all, comfortable- perfect for open plan workplaces, educational environments, and collaborative spaces alike. Several different finishes will be available, and it is likely that additional options will be revealed for the HiLo as we get closer to its release date.


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