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Horsepower by Knoll

Innovative masters of furniture Knoll have just revealed Horsepower by Antenna Workspaces. Delivering to the need of todays offices for useful, configurable space arrangements, Horsepower is a technology channel with form that continues to reimagine the concept of shared space through thoughtful, straightforward design. Independently, Horsepower is a space efficient power source with easy to access USB and integrated power outlets- portable and capable of many options such as video, whiteboard, and open storage options around meeting spaces. Horsepower succeeds greatly though, with its capability to combine with other Horsepower modules to quickly modify shared spaces and suit a variety of needs, all with well executed form that encourages interaction. With Horsepower, you can plug into it, lean on it, put tables around it, put a surface on it and use it as a desk- even join lots of surfaces to make dynamic open-plan office systems, all with many material options and fabulous finishes and surfaces. Design like this reflects intelligent, endless planning flexibility, a reason Knoll continues to impress time and time again with strong, good ideas.


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