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Humanscale Introduces M/Connect

Modern technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and it is paramount that your office adapts simultaneously. Introducing M/Connect- a sophisticated new product from Humanscale that integrates purpose, function, and ergonomics to your workstation. Utilizing the numerous tech devices needed in a typical work day is made much easier and aesthetically pleasing with this system. With M/Connect, gone are the days that a distracting, endless tangle of cable clutter and technology overwhelms your desk- the recycled aluminum USB 3.0 hub is stationed on your desk by way of a hidden clamp and doubles as a single or multi-monitor arm that offers an additional port for a laptop. Hidden away under the worksurface are the connection docks that manage messy IT cables and power supplies associated with computer components. With a space-saving clean look and immediate access to high speed docking ports, M/Connect is a workplace solution that will no doubt enhance the computing experience in your office.


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