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Storage Solutions by Inscape

A New Take On Flexible Rooms and Storage Space

Inscape's Territory offers almost unlimited possibilities for turning your ideas into reality. As multifunctional furniture, Territory offers storage space, creates zones and provides privacy for workplaces. This allows customized rooms to be created which, thanks to their high degree of functionality and attractive design, satisfy all demands in terms of contemporary room layout and productive well-being.

Discover, Plan, Design

Flexible, functional, elegant and made with great attention to detail – Territory is also ideal as a stand-alone piece of furniture and as a stylish storage solution in an individual office. Thanks to the comprehensive range, when configuring your Territory you can choose from almost unlimited options in order to give your office a personal touch.

Always Ready for the Next Step

With Territory, the name says it all: Regardless of whether entire office landscapes are required or individual workplaces are to be separated, with its modular design, simple planning and high degree of flexibility, Territory offers unlimited possibilities for room layouts and, at the same time, provides the storage space you need. Which means you can always plan ahead. After all, with Territory, you are able to react to changing requirements at any time and redesign or gradually extend your rooms.


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