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Inspiring Spaces with Nemo Trellis

[The following is from Izzy+. Please visit their website for more information:]

In the spirit of connectivity, freedom, and inspiration, we’ve created the Nemo Trellis—a tool for transforming informal spaces into places where people gather, share, and learn.

Any place with people who need to regroup, meet, or recharge is a place for Nemo, from work and learning spaces to airports, hotel lobbies, and healthcare facilities.

Some spaces are simply more flexible than others, which is a huge plus in this fast-paced, technological,

ever-changing world. Some spaces are more inspiring, too—they impact how we think, feel, and interact.

The Nemo Trellis transforms any space into a hub of recharging-focusing-creating-collaborating goodness.

Encouraging collaboration and connection starts with creating a sense of place in an open space. With its

architectural presence, the Nemo Trellis offers a hint of enclosure that draws people in, without shutting

anyone out.

Bring people together and turn up the learning with Nemo Trellis.

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