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Modularity in Workplace Design

Modularity is the level of adaptability in the use of a space and the ease in which it and its furniture systems can be rearranged over time. MMoser Associates, a design firm who contributes to workplace research, proposes that there are always typical "building blocks" in a space, ranging from very small to large. This is shown in the diagram below.

If we look at one "building block" for a moment, look how modular furniture can adapt to a variety of work space environments in just one space.

MMoser reminds designers that, "it is always useful to remember that the main purpose of modularity is to provide a foundation for potential change in the office." Modularity may not always be the answer, but if a business or workplace needs to accomodate for future changes in their company, modularity can be a powerful tool. There are many options in the contract furniture industry who have designed furniture specifically for modularity and the evolving workforce. Contact us for more information about modular furniture solutions.
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