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4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space: Inviting Spaces

Turn your learning spaces into Inviting Spaces

Edutopia recently published and informative article; 4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space. The tips are suggestions from librarians and educators who have transformed their learning spaces. All four should go on your to-do list.

We are exploring the tips in a series of posts. We covered Agile Learning Spaces in our first post. In this post, we want to examine tip number two, Inviting Spaces.

To create inviting spaces, you need to create spaces that prompt students and educator to congregate and interact with one another. One of these spaces could be a lounge-like area with soft seating as well as data and power enabled occasional tables. Integrate vending machines or hot drinks stations in these areas. These days students prefer coffee-shops over the library.

You can also integrate cafe-like spaces. Provide both sitting and standing height tables along with the appropriate companion seating. This creates another space for interaction and collaboration. It also provides options for students to work in the way most comfortable for them.

You might even use nesting tables and chairs. That would give you the option to use the space for many purposes. Just fold and slide the tables away to create an open space for extra learning activities. You can provide snacks and beverages in these areas to make them more inviting.

In their article, Edutopia noted the following:

In Too Big to Know, David Weinberger writes that “the smartest person in the room is the room.” By reenvisioning a learning space, more students may come inside.

How to get there

Replacing your traditional education furniture and repurposing your space over time is the best way to turn your learning spaces into inviting spaces. It is a smart investment in your facility and your students.

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