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Maria Cornejo’s designer upholstery fabric for Knoll’s Luxe Textiles

Make a statement with these new upholstery and drapery options

In November, Knoll Textile’s Luxe Division announced its latest fashion collaboration. It is a collection with Chilean-American designer Maria Cornejo. Her career spans London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo where she was part of the ground-breaking design partnership Richmond Cornejo. Maria also developed her signature “Maria Cornejo” collection and worked as a creative consultant for major retailers. They include Joseph, Tehen and Jigsaw.

The collection is inspired by a love of vibrant, eclectic patterns. It consists of four upholsteries and two draperies. The goal is crafting future heirlooms that have life beyond the current seasons. Yet, the emphasis was warm, fresh color palettes and lush textures. The result is another elegant line of designer upholstery fabric from Knoll Luxe.


Metallic Gloss

This is an upholstery fabric based on a runway piece from Maria’s Fall/Winter ’13 collection. The translation, Metallic Gloss, is a forward-thinking textile. It was woven on a smaller scale than the original, using a cotton/viscose/linen blend coated with a polyurethane film. 56% Viscose, 30% Cotton, 8% Linen, 6% Polyurethane.


Based on a pattern from Spring/Summer 2014, Ita is an evolution from the original. It is reminiscent of a Santiago blanket. Ita is Maria’s grandmother’s name, so this is a product infused with personal sentiment. 100% Wool.


Tara draws inspiration from a garment in Maria’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection. It takes the idea of the stitching in the original piece and creates something with a hand-made quality, depth, and texture. The fabric has a saturated ground with surface weave detail. 100% Cotton.

Digi Velvet

This distressed velvet has an all-over texture inspired by some of Maria’s personal photography. Blurred images that originate from her iPhone were the muse. Contains 83% Cotton and 17% Polyester.



The collections’ drapery is a more direct translation from two garments from Maria’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection. Her original pieces were created from silk threads, meant to evoke feathers. Made of 100% Trevira CS Polyester.


Drawing distinct inspiration from a Gerhardt Richter exhibition, the original dress was part of Maria’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection. The original photo was of blurred dancers. Made of 100% Linen.

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