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4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space: Agile Learning Spaces

Turn your learning spaces into Agile Learning Spaces

Edutopia recently published and informative article; 4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space. The tips are suggestions from librarians and educators who have transformed their learning spaces. All four should go on your to-do list. Yet, in this post we want to examine tip number one, Agile Learning Spaces.

A big key to student learning and getting the most out of your real estate dollars is making your spaces flexible. In the classroom, this is best accomplished with mobile furniture. Chairs, tables, whiteboards, and storage units should be on casters so they can be reconfigured to suit each day’s activities. It is even better if you use nesting tables and chairs so they can be stored with a small footprint when not in use. Check out the links for examples.

Mobile markerboards are a perfect place to share ideas and be creative. Options include glass and whiteboards. They can double as projection screens as well. Of course, you still want to maximize your wall space with markerboard panels.

Technology is more critical than ever to education. With the rise of inexpensive Chromebooks, all student can work from a computer. These unique computers still need to be secured, and you want the storage units to be mobile as well. The same thing goes for your tablet storage. And the teacher desk is no exception to the need for mobility and agility.

How to get there

Replacing your existing stationary furniture with mobile furniture over time is the best way to turn your learning spaces into agile learning spaces. It is a smart investment.

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