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Cube Lounge Seating from Arold

Let your imagination… take control of your space

Cube from Groupe Lacasee’s Arold is the perfect solution for a refined and trendy look. It manages to look new and classic at the same time. Cube lounge seating is comfortable, stylish and makes a strong statement in your public spaces.

The series’ chair, sofa, loveseat and ottoman arrangements are limitless. The simple and modern lines of these modular elements allow you to modify your decor according to your needs. Open yourself to the endless possibilities.

Options galore

Cube 100: The classic space

With sleek lines and various personalization options, Cube 100 is the ideal collection to create convivial working environments with a modern twist.


Cube 200: The classic 2.00

While being completely modular, Cube 200 offers both space and functionality. Comfortable in all public or private spaces whether commercial, institutional or hotel, compose your own Cube 200 personalized space with armchairs and corner chairs, ottomans, benches and versatile storage modules.


Cube 300: Elegance and Design

A whole range of modular elements including sofa, loveseat and ottoman. Open yourself to a comfortable environment where possibilities are limitless. A simple, pure yet modern design to please trendy decors.

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