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Harmony of interior design – integrate nature in the workplace

Harmony in your interior design helps healing

A great design harmonizes every element of your workspace. One way to make it great is to bring nature from the outside environment into the architectural design. A well thought out design then integrates it with the other interior design elements, such as wall treatments, flooring, furniture, lighting, and artwork.

This approach is especially relevant in a healthcare setting that relies on nature as part the healing process. It is vital to integrate nature in the workplace of a hospital. Fort Benning ‘s hospital has several healing gardens and walking paths that are clearly visible from interior spaces. The central garden has a 50-foot high water wall that flows into a 125 foot-long stream. This gorgeous feature fills the area with ambient noise and the tranquil sound of running water.

Bringing elements of nature into interior spaces starts with windows and an open-space design that offers maximum exposure to the outside. Nature scenes and natural light fill the open atrium and adjacent rooms. The interior design includes rock, wood, and plants. This approach compliments the outside gardens while adding a unique aesthetic to the inside space. Stonework, tree sculptures and other nature art all go into a unified theme.

Lighting is an important factor when using and placing artwork. Whenever possible you want to take advantage of natural lighting to showcase your art at its best. Certain materials are also better suited to direct sunlight, like canvas and finishes with non-glare properties.

These strategies are from a white paper exploring successfully creating or refreshing an art program for healthcare spaces. The firm Kahler-Slater produced it, and it was brought to our attention by our friends at Great American Art. Other topics covered in the white paper include: how to set an art budget for your office, the finer details of art placement, and using nature art in window treatments and virtual windows.

Great American Art designs, produces and installs works of art. They help us create spaces that improve the quality of your workspace and your time in it. Visit our art site and start choosing the art your clients and staff deserve.

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