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The Lustre desk lamp from ESI is light and lustrious


ESI Ergonomics‘ new LED desk lamp, Lustre, has single touch control and a base with USB charger. The lamp’s arm and head fold together for neat storage.

Features include:

• Color Temperature: 3500K • Power Consumption: 6 Watts (without the USB charger) • 8 Watts (with the USB charger) • CRI: 83% • Lamp Life: >50,000 hours • Estimated Light Output: 400 lumens • 180-degree rotation at both the lamp head and lamp arm • 360-degree rotation at the lamp base • Cord length: 12 Feet • Telescoping arm and head • Occupancy sensor

Also see ESI’s Edge Monitor Arms, Orion Tablet Mount, Dual Arm Sit Stand Keyboard Platform, Solstice LED Lamp and Flat Screen TV Mounts.

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