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The finer details of art placement matter for your patients

Have a strategy for art placement in your healthcare environment

The information for this post comes from experience design firm, Kahler Slater’s, whitepaper: Healing Artwork, How an Integrated Art Program Can Transform Your Patient Experience. Our vendor, Great American Art, shared it with us. It has some very useful information we thought we should pass along to you.

When it comes to art placement in a healthcare environment there are a variety of things to keep in mind:

  • The subject matter of the art should match with the function of the room it’s in as well as the mindset of the patients or visitors who use that room. You would not want to put water images in a Urology area where patients may have full bladders while awaiting a test.

  • Within a room place the art where it will have the greatest impact. Keep the sightlines of the patients in mind. Where are they facing during their procedure? The art might need to be on the ceiling.

  • Public spaces, deep within your facility, need well-thought-out art just as much as the main lobby. Family members often face greater stress and grief in these areas than when they first enter your facility.

  • Abstract art with soft lines can allow the viewer to interpret the piece with their individual perspective. Mix them with a variety of other art types such as landscapes or nature art.

  • Art can assist with your facility’s wayfinding strategy. Consistent “landmark art” indicates logical meeting places and helps people navigate your facility.

More tips for a comprehensive art plan for your facility are in the report.

We, here at Mason, Inc., can be your local resource for developing and deploying a strategy that works for you. We can help you with the art placement in your facility.

Great American Art designs, produces and installs works of art. They help us create spaces that improve the quality of your workspace and your time in it. Visit our art site and start choosing the art your clients and staff deserve.

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