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Introducing color divider screens by Symmetry Office


Symmetry‘s tabletop desk dividers are an easy and economical way to add privacy to existing workstations or for turning freestanding tables into customized cubicles, study carrels or call center stations. The desk dividers are easy to install and have several mounting options. Various cores are constructed with sound absorbing material to reduce noise levels. The dividers are made in the USA and customized sizes, colors, and core materials are available.


With a sleek, contemporary design, Symmetry’s Room Divider Walls divide your space with class. The Urban Wall comes in a wide range of sizes, configurations and core options making it fun and easy to create a customized configuration to fit the size and look of your current space. Use support feet for freestanding privacy partitions, mobile feet for a portable wall or hinge several together to create a unique divider wall.


Symmetry’s new Tool Rail system is designed to help organize your stuff and get that clutter off your desk. It is a functional way to divide space in an open office environment. It is the ultimate solution for creating a productive, comfortable work environment. Lift everyday work tools off the desktop, freeing up valuable workspace. Personalize the Tool Rail system with monitor arms, holders, shelves or trays for the ideal workstation.

Divide and organize your workspace into a more functional, productive and colorful environment!

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