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Bretford gives design advice

The Learning Space is a series of videos from our vendor Bretford. In them, leading experts provide great advice for the way we have to design today’s learning environments if we want to succeed in education. School Design has to change.

In the video above Howard Tullman shares his thoughts on why the way we design schools is not working. And what we should be doing instead to create environments that will educate the productive citizens we need in today’s world.

Peggy Hoffman talks about the process of designing schools that work.

Finally, Tim Springer talks about how important engagement is for learning environments. And these ideas apply throughout any educational institution. Because every space is a learning place. We have to do school design right.

We want to thank Bretford for producing and sharing these videos on this vital topic. Check out their counter height Explore stools and Motiv lounge seating and its power options. See their EDU 2.0 education seating as well.

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