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Choosing office art is easier than you think

The art of choosing art

Your workspace is not just about furniture, it’s the total package – it’s space design, flooring, wall color, window accents, and artwork.

Office Art is a critical component in this package. It sets the tone.The variety of art options is much more diverse than they were even a decade ago. This has magnified the impact that art can now have on your space.

Whether it’s healthcare, financial or some other corporate setting, every space has an area that could benefit from the right art solution.

When selecting office art a great place to start is to use the types of art that most often create a positive affect on people or art that has a more universal appeal.

Our vendor, Great American Art, has compiled some art categories that do just that and have a link you can use to view samples.

How did they come up with the selections?

They used a landmark study on evidence-based design for healthcare facilities that identified the types of art that were most effective at promoting the healing process. Great American also used an extensive survey that found the most popular art among the general population. This list shows the categories common to both.


  • Visual depth or open foreground

  • Trees with a broad canopy

  • Savannah landscapes

  • Verdant vegetation

  • Positive cultural artifacts (e.g., barns and older houses)


  • Healthy and fresh

  • Familiar

  • Gardens with open foreground


  • Calm or non-turbulent water

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