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Get your office moving with Active Spaces.

Get mobile. Get Active.

You may have noticed that the nature of work is changing. And that the way you have to get your work done is changing as well. In fact you need more skills, knowledge and techniques than ever to keep up. You are working with more teams and in collaborative environments. Technology is certainly changing faster than ever. But have you changed your workspace and office furniture to keep pace? Do you have active spaces?

Just as the nature of work is becoming more diversified your office furniture must become more diverse, versatile and modular. And it must be mobile to match the increased activeness of today’s workstyles and work flows.

The office you need

Rather just than cubes, private offices and conference rooms – smart organizations are incorporating informal areas with soft seating, workspaces with standing height tables, temporary workstations, quiet rooms and break areas more like coffee shops than lunchroom cafeterias. Your furniture must match the function of your associates’ roles, tasks and missions.

You need to have collaborative and concentration areas that people can move between during the course of their work day. These are active spaces.

Some of today’s most visionary leaders sit in the same open-office spaces as their entry-level employees and use quiet rooms when they need to make private calls or hold meetings. This can help you keep your fingers on the pulse of your enterprise and make sure it is healthy.


You need a workspace with active spaces that work for the way you work. You need an intelligently designed workspace. Your office furniture must be as unique as your work culture and work styles. This is where Mason, Inc. can be of the most use to you as a business partner.

If you are just starting up we can provide the perfect furnishings to match your needs. Ones that are mobile and modular so they can adapt and grow with you.

If you are moving or want to catch up with the times we can survey your existing furniture and integrate what is still useful. We will match it up with complimentary new furnishings. Ones that will create active spaces and the work environment you need to succeed in today’s economy.

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