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Tide from Symmetry makes sit-stand transition easy

Sit, Stand. Stand, Sit. This sit-stand monitor mount is a great fit.

Symmetry‘s Tide was designed to help with the ebb and flow of the daily work cycle. The sit-stand monitor mount is perfect for both new and existing workstations and allows the user to transition from a seated position to standing up with locking height adjustment in an infinite number of height settings.


Installation is simple and tool-free with just one clamp to tighten, otherwise the unit comes fully assembled. The optional adjustable document holder lets you take your work with you when standing. A dual monitor adaptor also supports two monitors for your dual display.


  • TIDE has the largest range of motion available – from 5″ below the work surface to approximately 16″ above

  • comes standard to support a single monitor with a dual monitor adapter option

  • completely tool-free installation, just place clamp on work surface and tighten by hand

  • monitor tilts and can be installed at various heights independent of keyboard tray

  • optional tilting writing surface available

  • one touch release for height adjustment with infinite locking height positions

  • keyboard tray can be set flat or at a negative tilt

  • supports monitors up to 20 lbs

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