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Office Design Trends for 2014: Attain and Retain Staff with Style and Culture

Acquire & keep top-notch talent with your office culture

Now that the economy is stronger it is harder than ever to attract and retain A+ team members. In the war for talent you must use your workplace as a tool for retention and recruiting. You have to keep people happy to do their best for you everyday. The necessities to attain and retain staff are changing.

The following trends are showing up at successful workplaces:

1. The office is becoming more homelike everyday with an increasing percentage of workspace being dedicated to common areas and soft seating. Offering sit-stand tables can compensate for reducing the sizes of associates workspace as well as preventing the sitting disease.

2. Daycare, gym and yoga facilities are even showing up in the workplace. Rather than comformity and uniformity spaces, show personality and allow for individuality.

3. A strong office culture that embraces diversity generates social capital and makes its stakeholders more committed and productive.

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