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Technology and workspace solutions for today’s workstyles


There is an informative article on Social Media Today by Gini Dietrich looking at how the workspace and technology are evolving together. It is an article well worth reading. Here are some excerpts but please visit the previous link to read the entire article.

The New Reality of an Emerging Workforce

It is common to be connected somewhere: At home, to and from work, and at the office. The freedom to work anywhere has become a reality.

The multitude of readily available cloud-based tools is breaking down the barriers of fixed work environments and continues to support more efficient and effective ways for business to be conducted.

Space Optimization Needs Time to Become Effective

Implementing new workstyles requires flexible space that can be changed to accommodate the evolution of a corporation’s functional needs. If space is configured in a way to allow low cost change and reconfiguration, a corporation can be well-positioned to respond to refinements in its work space solutions strategy over time.

A sound strategy coupled with strategic interior design can bring cost-effective change and allow for future space optimization needs. Space needs to evolve as the business lifecycle evolves with the changing workforce.

Work Space Solutions

Post-occupancy evaluations (POE) can affect operations, employee productivity, culture, and the bottom line. A POE can inform the management process and the evolution of space can become part of a corporation’s strategic plan. Think about office spaces as hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are temporary spaces to recharge and store our belongings when we are traveling. We use spaces within an office temporarily then move on to another space within the office. They are simply a touch point in our day.

Do your associates need to come together, face-to-face, to build consensus or can they do that remotely as well? How will this affect your corporate culture? How are your organization’s workstyles changing? Do you need help with your furnishing specifications?

Mason Inc. can help you find answers. Just contact us with any questions.

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