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Kimball’s Poly multi-purpose chair = color and comfort


The comfort of mesh with the color of your personality

Kimball's Poly lends style to necessity. Its uniform shape and size make it easy to move and store, but its breathable mesh in five vivid colors makes it distinctively appealing.

Rack ‘Em and Stack ‘Em…Poly chairs can be stacked 30 high on a transport dolly or up to 10 high on the floor. Their compact stacking sled-base design supports versatility and easy mobility.

A 100% polyester mesh back and seat. The Poly mesh on the front of the seat features a tighter weave for additional support. The frame is black plastic with polished chrome legs that come standard with black plastic glides that can be used for ganging to adjacent chairs.

Poly is an eye-catching chair that is affordable, versatile, and comfortable. Poly measures up to the Kimball Office tradition of fine craftsmanship and high quality.

Poly works great with Kimball’s line of Scenario Tables. Also, check out their Beo Guest Chairs.

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