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Evolving Design in Faculty Offices

Our premiere vendor, Knoll, recently looked at the evolving design of faculty offices. Here are their findings:

“The ubiquitous nature of technology, as well as a preference among today’s students for collaboration, has resulted in dramatic shifts in the accepted norms of teaching within higher education facilities. Put very simply, learning now happens everywhere. Whether it is in the classroom or the commons, a hallway or the dorm, “teachable moments” extend well beyond the bounds of the classroom to every corner of the campus. Consequently, campus design must be re-thought—along with the furnishings. One area undergoing radical design change is the faculty office space. The need to control costs, use space efficiently, and support collaboration is necessitating that colleges and universities reduce the workspace allotted to both faculty and staff, but not at the expense of effective, functional—even inspirational—spaces.”

Below is the full research article on faculty offices:

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