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Mayline e5 office desks

e5 from Mayline is the go-anywhere, do-anything furniture solution that can be used to furnish everything from private offices and open plan spaces to benching applications all while promoting productivity and collaboration.

e5 is easy and essential

  • Easy to Design. e5 offers a logical, intuitive structure along with a minimum number of parts so specifying is simple and quick.

  • Easy to Install. Mayline put a whole lot of brainpower into designing uncomplicated connections. Modular units, for example, simply slide and lock securely into place, requiring minimal tools and fasteners.

  • Easy to Power. This is where e5 really excels. Their patent-pending Technology Beltway takes power throughout any configuration, seamlessly and transparently even after the system has been assembled. Connections are all easily made from a seated position.

  • Easy to Reconfigure. e5 prepares you for whatever the future may bring because it’s a cinch to rearrange, reuse and reinvent your space as conditions dictate. Today’s bench can become tomorrow’s executive desk or vice versa.

  • Easy to Afford. e5 delivers superior technology integration, exquisite fit and finish, and an all-around user-friendly experience that simply cannot be matched at its price point.

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