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New Share lounge seating from Stylex

At NeoCon, Stylex introduced Share, an activity-based, modular seating system which provides serious flexibility, design, and the high level of craftsmanship synonymous with their brand. Share projects a moderately structured aesthetic, neither formal nor overly relaxed. By seamlessly combining task and lounge height seating surfaces, Share qualifies for any environment where multi-functional use is critical.

With a soft curvilinear aesthetic, Share comprises a well-organized kit of parts to support a wide variety of functions: single and double units; back-mounted panels; 90º and 120º corner units; benches; and knee-wall units. Because each of the basic units is available in both task (18 inch) and lounge (16 inch) heights that can be easily intermixed, Share provides flexible support for people who find it inconvenient to sit on or get up from a lower surface. The two heights also encourage mixing dining with casual work and conferencing. Share’s privacy panels are novel in that they permit some visual and aural feedback between sections, but not so much that the feeling of privacy is impaired.

The units may be wired to better support the power requirements of users’ digital devices through conveniently located charging stations, a necessity in today’s business environment.

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