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Segue lounge seating from PaulBrayton

The definition of Segue : A transition made without pause or interruption.

That is exactly what the 22 components of Segue are designed to do. Serpentine, semi-circle, mirror or reverse seating, the arrangements are endless, as are the places where Segue can be used. Â Whether configured for a collaborative gathering, open space seating, or a quiet retreat, Segue transitions into any or all.

Segue is just the starting point – inspiring flexible modular seating for corporate offices, educational facilities, healthcare and hospitality.


  • Finishes:Â Table tops – 13 standard wood finishes / Custom finish available upon request

  • Privacy Panels:Â Single or double privacy panels available on any seat with back. Privacy panels may be wood or upholstered.

  • Tablets:Â Fixed swivel or fold down tablet arms available on any arm chair

  • Power/Data Port:Â Available on the front or back of tables

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