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Midway waiting room seating from Spec

For public seating that blends high durability with streamlined design, choose Midway. Specify freestanding or connected, in one-, two- or three-seat models. Also available in bariatric and highback designs, with matching tables allowing you to create a solution as unique as your space.

Midway seating comes in one, two, and three seaters and can be specified as freestanding or connected… arms of wood or polyurethane… spacer, radius and corner tables… and bariatric! Two and three seaters offer a choice of no arms, half arms or full arms to the floor. Optional flex back is available on medium and highback single seaters.

Note: Wall – saving frame is not available when flex back is specified. Corner or spacer tables in plastic laminate top, self-edge or PVC edges are available to create any size and shape for your configuration.

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