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Izzy Flavors

Izzy+ has created a full menu of flavors now consistent across all the izzy+ brands for designers and end users to taste, explore, mix, and, most importantly, share. It’s all about individual tastes being Better Together.

Color and texture are essential to izzy+’s understanding of human-centered design. In fact, they think it is impossible to talk about design without addressing the impact colors and materials have on the human psyche. They’re the outward expression of what is inherently inside all of us.

Izzy+’s color and materials experts, Allison Roon and Kerry Rowe, spent more than two years developing izzy+ flavors. As they curated the Flavors program, they were guided by the izzy+ design philosophy clean, modern lines; approachable, authentic colors and textures; and plenty of opportunities for layering and personal expression.

Allison and Kerry built the flavors program around 15 plastic seating colors and eight bold, chromatic hues.

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