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Roadster lounge seating from Arcadia

You’re in the driver’s seat with Roadster, the multi-functional lounge series that intuitively traverses the collaborative terrain. Encouraging engagement with others, its purposeful cutback arm design enables users to move from one side to the other in order to effortlessly join any conversation. Available with arms or armless, and with fixed legs, casters, or in combination.

Features include:

  • Arm and armless lounge models with casters, fixed legs, or a combination of both.

  • Mobile models come standard with two locking casters in the rear or non-locking casters in the front.

  • Metallic Silver, Metallic Champagne or Graphite fixed leg finish options.

  • Cut-back arm design enables the freedom to move about while seated for joining any conversation.

  • Available accessories to include rotating tablet, cup holder, pull handle and power tray.

  • Coordinates with Intima Collection of seating and tables.

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