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Knoll's Regeneration chair

Knoll introduces the ReGeneration, the newest member of the Generation by Knoll family of chairs. The Generation family, designed by New Zealand-based Formway Design, promotes comfort and freedom of movement through material and design innovation. In addition to ReGeneration, the family includes the award-winning Best of NeoCon Gold Generation by Knoll work chair and MultiGeneration by Knoll, a multi-purpose chair for complementary seating applications.

In the spirit of Generation by Knoll, ReGeneration lets you “sit how you want.” Innovative in its simplicity, ReGeneration delivers a unique combination of responsive performance, efficient design and overall value. Leveraging a flexible and durable high performance elastomer in both the Flex Back Net and Dynamic Suspension control, ReGeneration offers simplicity without sacrificing key performance attributes. The Flex Back Net model features a high performance elastomer that gives you the experience of being cradled — like by a net or hammock.

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